1000 Common English Words Workbook!  

We now have our complete "1000 Common English Words with Example Sentences" YouTube series available as a workbook for you to use in your studies.

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Summit Language Institute:  Who We Are

Finally, a different kind of English class!

Many people have studied English as a foreign language at school — some for just a short time, others for several years.

Yet even if they master "textbook" English, their classroom experience fails to prepare them adequately for "real life" English — the type of English that they encounter in their dealings with Americans at work, at school, shopping, in the newspapers and magazines, and on TV or in movies.

Summit Language Institute will help you to "bridge the gap" between the English you have studied in school and the English you encounter in your daily life in the United States.

Why is Summit Language Institute Unique?

At Summit, you are among friends!

You’re not just another student – you become part of the Summit family. Our care for you goes beyond the four walls of the classroom. Students look forward to getting together, not only in class, but outside of class as well. We encourage students to travel together on their ESL journey.

We also do our best to help you achieve your study goals. We understand that sometimes it can be frustrating to learn another language, so we provide helpful support and resources to give you hope and confidence for learning English. We are constantly striving to use the best methods and approaches in teaching ESL to help you learn English in a smart, efficient way. The result is an environment that supplies the conditions for your optimal learning experience. When you take English classes at Summit Language Institute, you can be sure that we’ll be there to help you every step of the way!

Since 2001, Summit Language Institute has been helping math and ESL students. Our goal continues to be providing the best possible instruction at a reasonable price. At Summit, the focus is on you, the student, and how we may help you achieve your goals — whatever they might be.